Dear Family,

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Here is the recording from our 2nd Scripture Reading on 1 John 4:7-21. I pray that it encourages you on your journey to Christ. See y’all soon.

Here is our July 22nd Scripture Reading from the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible.

We read Zephaniah 3:14-20. My the Holy Spirit bless you this day.

Here is our July 29th Isaiah 61 Scripture Reading.

May you live and do the love and justice of Jesus in the power of His Spirit.

The journey continues through the reading of Psalm 139

Pick up the Armor of God with us in Ephesians 6

Journey with Christ as we meet the Samaritan Woman

Come and hear Peter Preach the Church’s First Sermon

Christ in Us Paul’s Encouragement

Be Still and Know That He is God–Psalm 46

John the Baptist’s testimony of Jesus–John 1

Matthew 25–Living Like Jesus

I Peter 2:1-12–Being a Chosen People to all Nations

Give Your Hearts–Joel 2.12-29

Reconciliation–II Corinthians 5